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Tippedoffnails birthday collaboration nails!

The second collaboration I joined was for Chloe of Tippedoffnails’s birthday. Following on from the #tealtoesandtips2017 collaboration, Joanna asked if I’d like to join this too. I agreed immediately as I really like Chloe and I’d been fortunate to win one of the prizes in her giveaway!! The theme was rainbow and I knew immediately… Continue reading Tippedoffnails birthday collaboration nails!


#cancerawarenesscollab with Tipped Off Nails!

I was so honoured to be invited by Chloe, otherwise known as @tippedoffnails to join a fab #cancerawarenesscollab that she organised. 126 of us joined in this fab collaboration with the only stipulation being that your design must incorporate the cancer ribbon! I chose light blue as it represents prostate cancer which my dad &… Continue reading #cancerawarenesscollab with Tipped Off Nails!

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Part one of what I bought on my no buy January!

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll see that I epically failed my January no buy. So here’s some of the things I bought since I declared a no buy: First up are these gorgeous polishes: These were from the lovely @rampartnails over on instagram. She has a collection of polish that is to die… Continue reading Part one of what I bought on my no buy January!