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Challenge Lola!

It’s been quite a while since I posted so please forgive me. Life has been a little hectic, and in some cases down right stressful, and I haven’t had the energy or inclination to do anything creative. Luckily I have amazing friends & family around me that give me the kick up the backside and remind me that this is something I enjoy doing so I need to continue! So I’m back, did I miss anything?? 

I’ve thrown myself back into doing my nails as let’s face it I have more nail polish than Imelda Marcos had shoes, so it’s time I cracked on and attempted to make a dent in it!!

Unfortunately I’m the classic story of all the gear and no idea, so I’ve had to reach out to my amazing nail ninja friends for inspiration. Luckily I’m blessed with quite possibly the best damn ladies in the nail world as friends. You can see their work on Instagram at the following:

Freya @freyahowden

Kat @klenails

Laura @polishedwebb

Lorna (Dotty) @thewellpolishedblog

Rebecca (Bex) @polishplaytime

So about a month ago the beautiful Kat decided to throw me the curve ball of #challengelola and I was charged with attempting a watermarble. Now I have had one previous attempt at this and it was less than successful. Understatement of the year award winner right there. I declared right then that it wasn’t for me and never tried it again. Since then my friends have been so helpful and supportive by explaining just how to do various techniques so when I complimented Freya on another watermarble triumph, Kat immediately challenged me to do it.

I had been told that the Models Own chromes watermarble really well so I chose 3 colours from my untried pile to use.

I chose pink, silver and blue. Key to a good watermarble is ensuring that your water is room temperature, I’ve also been told that bottled water works better. Given that my daughter constantly opens bottles and never finishes them, I took the latest discarded offering and emptied into a disposable plastic beaker. I decided that I wouldn’t attempt to dip my nails on this occasion as I knew that it would require much more patience that I possess. I decided to use a ring pop, in retrospect I should’ve used a swatch stick but we live and learn.

First issue was discovering that I need a watermarbling tool, rookie error as I don’t have one so I fashioned one out of a swatch stick and a cotton threaded needle and sellotape. All very blue peter if I say so myself!!!

I dropped the polish into the beaker one drop at a time in the same colour order until it all went a bit squiffy and for some reason the colours would no longer spread.

I inserted my crudely made tool and swished it around trying to separate the colours but I didn’t do a very good job but I did better than my previous attempt. 

I then dipped the ring pop in but as I was trying desperately not to get my own nails covered it was an epic failure.


I decided the next day that I would try again. Using some of the Danglefoot polishes that I had received that week, I once again gave it a go.

I tried Baby Brain and my tiara is in the wash. Both of these polishes have special resonance with me because this was Hayley’s last collection before she started her maternity leave. Baby brain is a gorgeous teal linear holo with some pink chrome flakes hiding below.

My tiara is in the wash is my favourite polish ever because not only is it an amazing pale silver holo with a copper shimmer, the lovely Hayley named it for me!! I do indeed have a tiara as my nickname has been Queen Lola for a very long time but that’s a conversation for another day!! This polish will always have a special place in my collection.

Again using the technique as above I had another epic failure.

It was a triumph until I dipped a swatch stick. It was such a disaster that it appears the photo of it has disappeared, possibly with shame, who knows 😂 

I then tried to marble the sugar & spice collection. These are gorgeous holo jellies that Hayley made based on a previous collection and they’re gorgeous! 

The fabulous Freya did an amazing job of watermarbling these when she swatched the collection for Hayley. You can see her amazing work here:

How gorgeous are those? Would you like to see how mine turned out? 

I won’t be stealing Freya’s crown anytime soon! I did have fun though and I will continue to try, maybe in about 3 years! 

Next time on #challengelola Kat gives me the galaxy nails challenge. What could possibly go wrong? 

Brace yourselves, that’s all I can say 😂

Thank you for reading, 

Lola ❤️


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